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Pangram Studio is a multidisciplinary studio based in Bhubaneswar & New Delhi, providing architectural and interior design services PAN India. Established in 2021, by Ar. Janesh Vijan and Ar. Sonakshi Jain, the studio was born out of a passion for transforming void spaces into living ones. They have not limited themselves to just homes and workspaces but painted their vision on every available blank canvas while creating value for clients. Fueled by unbound creativity and innovative technology, they cater to architectural, interior design, landscape and renovation services for patrons who seek art, innovation, quality, and a wondrous design experience.


As one-stop design solution providers, they have the right mix of tools critical for navigating a project's feasibility and helping clients strategically plan their projects. They believe in assisting clients in determining how much space they need and test-fit their project on potential sites while also doing their part in enriching the lives of people and communities. As architects, they believe in keeping their design sustainable for the surroundings, clients, and the people that will use the space.


They believe that for every project, design matters and building matters. Therefore, they engage actively in creating contextually appropriate, sustainable design solutions for an increasingly changing world. From designers to the builder to the owner to the developer, they do what it takes and care about how it is done. With a firm belief that nothing is outside their scope of work, they are dedicated to advocating for the wants and needs of our clients by helping them narrate their stories.


They are driven by the ethos of design excellence, service, efficiency, responsiveness, and a strong commitment towards all the projects and scales they undertake. The four fundamental aspects of design solutions they abide by include — form, function, quality, and sustainability. This design philosophy coalesced with an efficient management system, and a rational approach has enabled the team to handle projects of varying scales and intricate complexities.

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Sonakshi Jain

Founder - Architect

Architectural curator, explorer, reader, writer – her constant quest for learning, exploring, and constant endeavour to improve, be it design, its minute details, specifications at every stage, is infectious and drives the team.  She believes that a building is not only about the end-user satisfaction but also its relationship with its immediate surroundings.


Janesh Vijan

Founder - Architect

Janesh’s desire to experiment with new ideas deeply influences our design process. He guides the practice by continuously pushing boundaries by imagining the products and, his hands-on approach to design percolates to the smallest detail in every project. His keen interest in travel and photography brings a new insight into the observational details of each project.


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